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I firmly believe that every dog  should have great pet care, a happy family life, eat nutritious non-processed dog food and be provided a stimulating learning environment. In order to meet these needs I feel it necessary to place the dogs in individual homes rather than a kennel or my multi dog home. On occasion I will ask your new pet to come to my place for brief training refreshers. If I have a call for a dog, such as yours, I may ask you to bring, or I will pickup, the dog for an audition. Your dog may be away with me ranging from 1 night to many nights if he is chosen to be on a major film. On extended shoots I try to return your dog to you on off shoot days such as weekends and holidays.

I require that all my dogs remain on raw dog food. I can provide you with my choice raw diet, Food for Thought Raw Natural Diet. It is manufactured locally in Langley and has no water added. I give a discount to my own dog care homes. The food is normally sold at $2.00 a lb. The boxes are 30 lbs and sold for $60.00 a box. With my discount you will be able to purchase the 30 lb boxes for $50.00 a box. Please give me 1 weeks notice when you are running low of food. This gives me the time I need to have your boxes ready and to you. Most clients pick up 3 boxes at a time to eliminate trips for dog food pick-up. If you have another dog in your home you are welcome to buy the food at the same discount price for all your dogs. You may also purchase your own brand of raw food or make your own if you like.

I use 3 different vets, for dogs, for various reasons.

All shots, neuter/spay and simple ear infection type problems I use Avon Vets in

Langley at 19475 Fraser Hwy. 604-532-7600

Most injuries, docking, cropping, or emergency care

Doc. Zwamborn of Albatross Vet Hospital

216th St. at 0 Ave. Langley. (604) 530-1409

For difficult diagnostics, surgery or exotics

Dr. Burton, Burton Veterinary Services

28481 Starr Rd, Abbotsford, BC V4X 2C5
Telephone : (604) 856-4166

You are permitted and encouraged to belong to any pet friendly group, class or activity you would like to with your pet. The more socialized and the more new situations your pet is exposed to the better it is for him. Please treat your pet as if he is completely owned by you. Enjoy your pet. Competition is a great way to get your pet out. If you like some contact numbers for agility or other sport activities for you and dog, please let me know.

When your pet has reached an age of retirement he will be transferred to you. His papers, if any, will be given to you. In some cases we end the foster contract early. Please contact if there are any issues that need to be resolved. I am a reasonable person and we can usually work something out.

Please keep your pet on a flea treatment program. My preference, after years of experience, is either Revolution or Frontline. During the winter months I use Advantage. If your dog is on Revolusion or Frontline they are already being wormed but if if you use a different product please check to make sure they get wormed if it is not included in the flea treatment.

Your pet may not do any work in advertising, film, print, theater, newspaper or any media, by anyone else. He is exclusive to Forest for Film.

Please keep your pets weight at a healthy conditioned place. Overweight dogs are not good for film work and under weight dogs are not healthy. I can advise you if you need help. Please keep your dogs toe nails trimmed. Again if you need help or grooming I can do it or advise you. My grooming rates are competitive. Animals should be kept clean and groomed. If you are fostering a pet that requires regular clipping, I will inform you as to the cut needed.

Any special needs, arrangements, problems, issues or awareness will be discussed prior to your fostering. I always try to place the right dog in the right home. If your home breaks down, we will try again. Not every animal fits into every home.

Thank you and welcome.


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