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That was the offical version. Here is my personal take on owning a Sphynx.

Sphynx cats are highly social. They live to be with their humans. When given the choice of socializing with a human or another animal, they will always choose their human. They are affectionate to the point of needy. They spend their days either on your lap or your shoulder, like a parrot. They will follow you around from room to room and even sit on your chest while you are in the bath.
Their bodies are very warm and soft. When up against your skin they are relaxing, calming and pleasant.

Sphynx love to investigate visitors. When we have company my cats go straight to the back of our couch and wait. Once the person is close enough, they pounce . If the visitor sits down the cats are all over them. Standing up? Not near enough to a couch for pouncing? No problem, the cats will simply climb up your leg to get to your shoulder. From there they will simply wrap their little finger paws all over your head.

They are purr machines! They tuck themselves into my bed each night and purr for hours.

Sphynx are indoor only cats. However my cats are all leash trained and love to go for walks on warm days or for a drive in the car if it is cold outside.

I feed my cats raw diet and they thrive on it.

The Sphynx can be quite vocal and they have a 'wild' sounding call. It's very primal.

I bathe my cats about once a week. They don't seem to like it much but they are easily trained to do it without fuss. Use baby shampoo for bathing. You can clean their ears on bath days using mineral oil or a warm cloth. I cut all my cats nails every 2 weeks. I am not sure why but Sphynx cats have trouble working their nails. They get their claws stuck in everything. Also, they are always climbing up my leg to ride on my shoulders. It's just easier, and less damaging to clothes, to keep their nails short.
I adore my Sphynx and love the way they show their interest in everything we humans are doing. They are the perfect pet. They are definitely NOT like a regular cat. 

If it has hair, it's just another cat !

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The texture of the Sphynx skin has been compared to a suede covered hot water bottle or a heated chamois. All colours and patterns are possible and may be presented at any stage of maturity. The color is seen in the pigment of the skin and the few hairs that they do have. One of the questions most asked is "Don't they get cold?" Well, of course, if it is too cold for you it will be too cold for a hairless cat too. However, these cats are smart enough to find a warm human, dog or cat to curl up with or they will get under your bed covers.

This is a substantial cat, medium sized and strong, with adult males being larger than adult females. Sphynx have sturdy boning and good muscle development and should have a bit of a belly as if they just finished dinner. They have an open-eyed, intelligent face and a friendly expression.

The Sphynx are extremely inquisitive and love to be the center of attention. They perform silly antics for your entertainment and are sometimes downright clumsy.. .on purpose it seems. They make great show cats because of this ''look at me" attitude and they are easy for judges to handle. They prefer human attention but do enjoy the company of dogs and other cats. They have an abundance of energy and mischief and are always with you, on you or showing off for you. "Love Mooch" is the perfect term for these amazing cats.

Because of the lack of hair that would normally absorb body oils, the Sphynx needs periodic bathing and ear cleaning. This is not a difficult task with a cat that has been acclimated from kittenhood with bathing and grooming proper for the Sphynx.

Some people who suffer from cat allergies can tolerate living with Sphynx cats. However, depending on the type and severity of the individual's allergic reactions, there are still people who cannot live with this breed.

Sphynx Cat Information

In 1966 a domestic cat gave birth to a hairless kitten in Toronto, Canada. It was discovered to be a natural mutation and the Sphynx cat, as we know it today, came into existence. This cat and a few other naturally hairless cats have been found worldwide. These have magically been produced by Mother Nature and are the foundation for this unusual breed. Cat breeders in Europe and North America have bred the Sphynx to normal coated cats and then back to hairless for more than thirty years. The purpose of these selective breedings was to create a genetically sound cat with a large gene pool and hybrid vigor. This is a very robust breed with few health or genetic problems.

The Sphynx is not always totally hairless; there can be a fine down on the body, which makes the cat feel like a warm peach. Some light hair is often present on the nose, tail and toes. 

The Sphynx Cat

My breeding cats have ALL tested negative for Feline Leukemia Virus, Feline Immunodeficiency virus and Feline Heartworm Disease.  Every breeding cat is also tested HCM free and blood typed. I guarantee my kittens for 2 years! If your kitten has a hereditary disease I will give you a new kitten as soon as one becomes available.  
Always buy your Sphynx, Bambino or Dwelf from a reputable breeder. These breeds are highly specialized and can be born with  issues such as heart HCM. Your kitten's parents should be tested prior to breeding.  

Bambino Cats

We have started a Bambino breeding program. Breeding a hybrid can be tricky but I enjoy genetics and find the challenge rewarding. The Bambino is a combination of the hairless Sphynx and short legged Munchkin cat.

Dwelf Cats

The Dwelf is another hybrid breed of hairless cat. They are combination of the hairless Sphynx, the short legged Munchkin and the curly ears of the American Curl cat.

Our cats are always fed raw diet. Never any cooked or processed food. Please follow this link for more information on feeding raw diet.

Raw Fed Cats. A practical guide.

Airport fee including crate and airport delivery $125.00
Buyer pays actual  airline shipping fare.

International Health certificate $75.00

All kittens come with CFA or TICA registration into your name, some vaccines, de-wormed, micro chipped and already altered (spayed or neutered) . Kittens carry a full genetic health guarantee. 

Deposit of $200.00 holds your pet Sphynx kitten or your place in line for choice. We accept paypal, cash or email money transfers. 

Onyx was bred in Mexico. Not a stich of hair on him.

He is extremely affectionate and he throws both solid colours and lynx


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Breed information on Canadian Hairless Sphynx Cats. Bambino Kittens and Elf Cats

Our male, Onyx, is an odd eye blue bi colour lynx.
(He has one blue and one yellow eye)

Kiwi greeting a visitor

There is something to be said about the unconditional love you get from an animal. Almost all animals are willing to provide you with love without expecting anything back, which makes having a pet a wonderful experience. From the smallest to largest animal, all are extremely loyal and trusting to and of their owners. One of the most loyal animals to have as a pet is a cat. There are many breeds of cats, but none compare in beauty and temperament to the Sphynx cat.

Here at FFF Sphynx Cattery, we are full service training center for your pet. We provide excellent care and training guides that will enable your pet to behave the way you want them to and also to remain the lovable and adorable pet you found them as. We are dedicated to helping your pet live a full, long and happy life. We currently have many Sphynx cats for sale in Canada, where we are located. We have many litters of Sphynx cats to choose from and one look at our babies and you won’t be able to resist adopting one.

We are located in Canada and we are considered to be a premier Sphynx cat breeder. We breed our cats with the highest standards, care and protection to mother, father and soon to be born kittens. We follow CFA guidelines and each kitten is looked over by a licensed veterinarian to make sure they are premium health. We only adopt to those who have the same goals and passion for animals as we do. If you’ve been looking for a Sphynx cat for sale, please choose us here at Forest for Film.

Thank you for visiting our website. We welcome you to browse our site for additional information on our services, training and breeding process. We look forward to assisting you with keeping your pet’s health at its best and also to teach obedience so that each of you can live comfortably together. Please look at our beautiful, sweet and intelligent Sphynx cats for sale in Canada. If you’re interested in adopting one of our Sphynx cats, please feel free to give us a call. We’d like to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about Forest for Film. 

Kitten Prices

All prices for cats for export, to any country, are quoted in USD

Pet kittens in non solid colours including bi, harlequin, calicos and tories $1200.00

Pet kittens in tabby, van or pointed colours $1400.00

Pet kittens in solid colours other than black or chocolate $1500.00

Pet black kittens  $1600.00

Contact me if you are interested in a breeding cat. (Outside BC only)

Females $2400.00
Males     $1800.00