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We wish for our cats to be as healthy as happy as they can be. To this end we have full spectrum day light bulbs in the cattery. As a result the amount of light that the cats receive each day is monitored. Lights are out in the evenings.


For a live video of our nursery please click here. You may need to download the app or update your Java. There are three units available to view.

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Dwelf Cats

A Dwelf is a weird and wonderful experimental breed of cat combining the nude Sphynx,  the short legs of a Munchkin and the curly ears of an American Curl Cat. Even when breeding to produce this combination only a very few kittens born will have all 3 of the mutations in one. I can not take deposits for one. It's luck of the draw when and if I get them.

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Hello. My name is Emma. I study education at university.  I may like to be a high school Spanish teacher.  When I am not working or studying you will find me outside. I will either be in my garden, on a walk, or reading a book. I also love to travel. I have been to Europe, Haiti, Nicaragua and few other places. There are many more places that I want to go see.  I am a HUGE animal lover.  This is why I love this job,. I love spending time with the cats. Before working here I hardly knew anything about cats.  All I knew was that some had fur and some didn't. Now I know way more. The best part about working here is that I get to play with cats, there just so fun. 

Consultation Services.

Many of my clients want or need extra help in issues past buying and owning a hairless cat.  As a result I now offer consultation on any cat related subject. Breeding, environment, feeding, heath (not a vet) etc.

$1.00 per minute billed in 10 minute segments


Very lovely female Elf in dilute calico with bright blue eyes. The fuzz shown in her pictures is just . Adolescense She will blow it. Born June 7 2018. She is for sale as a breeding queen. If sold as a pet she is same price but spaying is included.


Hi. I'm Sam. I've been employed by Forest since July 2015. Working with the Sphynx cats has been amazing. I've never met more friendly animals ! They are so loving and friendly that you can't help but fall in love with them.  I enjoy traveling all over North America hand delivering your new bundles of joy. The happiness that I see on your faces when you see your kitten for the first time is awesome.  I'm hoping to work with animals as a career in the future. This job has been the perfect stepping stone towards that goal. Forest has taught me so much and there's still so much to learn. I love my job.

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​New female. Blue eyes. Seal and white van. TICA Non Standard Bambino.

available kittens

Available Sphynx Cats, Bambino kittens and Hairless Elf Cats for sale.

Kitten Prices

All prices for cats for export, to any country, are quoted in in USD.

The legal sale of all animals in Canada is taxable. To help my clients we brake down the pricing to save you taxes.  

  • Pet kittens in non solid colours including bi, harlequin, calicos and tories $1200.00
  • Pet kittens in tabby, van or pointed colours $1400.00
  • Pet kittens in solid colours other than black or chocolate $1500.00
  • Pet solid black or chocolate kittens $1600.00
  • Pet Elf kittens $1800 

Contact me if you are interested in a breeding cat. (Outside BC only)

  • Females $2400.00           Elf   $2400
  • Males     $1800.00            Elf   $2100

Bambino Kittens

As the Bambino breed is still experimental and very new,  their DNA gene pool is extremely small. All  Bambino kittens are sold as open unless otherwise stated.
Prices are dependant on many factors such as F1, F2, F3 etc, sex, colour, standard or non standard, haired or no hair.

Typical pricing would be:

  • $350.00-$600.00 Non standard (long legs) with hair
  • $1200.00  Standard (short legs) with hair
  • ( Munchkin)
  • $2100.00 Male Standard (short legs) No hair  Bamabino
  • $2800.00 Female Standard (short legs) No hair Bambino
  • $4500.- $6500. USD for standard hairless Dwelf with breeding

Airport fee including crate and airport delivery $125.00
Buyer pays actual airline shipping fare.

International Health Certificate $75.00

All purebred Sphynx kittens come CFA registered in your name, with first and second vaccines when being shipped, all three vaccines for local, de-wormed, micro chipped and already altered (spayed or neutered).

Deposit of  $300.00 holds your place in line for choice. We accept cash, Paypal, Visa/Mastercard or email money transfers.

Our stud service policy has changed. For the safety of our cats and kittens we are now a 'closed' cattery. We no longer provide stud services.

While all kittens are full of beans very active while growing, they do settle into their own personalities as adults. To help you I assigned each kitten a temperament score as follows:

  1. Laid back. Slower less busy.
  2. Medium average for Sphynx
  3. More active, usually female
  4. Very active